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Borderlands 2 steam stuck

14 Nov I sometimes play tribes with a friend at his house. we play on dofferent pc's and every now and then i will accidently leave my steam open at his house and leave. No problems usually come up, it wil just shut down the other steam that is open with my account but recently when i did this it just gets stuck at. 11 Jul I was in the wildlife park and I jumped off a rockface. That got me stuck behind some plants. I had to exit and re-enter the game but it put me right back at the entrence to the location. So I lost an hour's progress and will have to fight my way back in. Was there anything I could have done to free myself? If there. 23 Aug Aug 23, @ pm. Well if you got stuck in those toilet things, im guessing you either press E or the action button you have applied and try to open the door again or close it, if that doesn't work I think your going to have to make a new character:\ Maybe other people have a solution? #2. Boltaire.

8 Oct Stuck in loading screen in Borderlands 2, please help! I am currently doing the quest where you save Roland, i got to him, the robot thing got him, and took him away, and went to a different place, specifically-Bloodshot Rampart. Now when i try to go in there, i get this infinite loading screen. Any ideas what. 7 Jul i have a problem when i start the game borderlands 2 and it comes to the screen( press any key) when i pres a key it comes to a screen downloading updates and dont go farther what should i do? Showing of 1 comments. De'Aaron Fox · View Profile View Posts. Jul 23, @ am. 21 Sep you just gota wait, it may appear that its not loading at times, but it is. It took me 30m to load and i got an i7. If that doesn't work try rebooting steam! Last edited by ᵡᴳḽᴰ::Vertex; Sep 21, @ pm. #1. Showing of 1 comments. Per page: 15 30 Borderlands 2 > General Discussions.

11 Nov stuck downloading update. got on this morning and bl2 is at % downloading update but wont launch the game. its frozen on the screen that says, " Updating borderlands 2 ready to launch in aproximately: 0 seconds." if you can help please do. ive been looking for the settings to check cache but i cant. 12 Oct How am i supposed to play this game if i can't update it? It happens on my desktop and laptop, which both use different internet connections. I see people complaining, but at least they can play the game. Please help me. I've tried: verifying my game cache, everything is apparently fine. - Re-install. So I was re-downloading Borderlands 2. But for some odd reason, it is stuck at 94 %. It says "Downloading" on the game library, but it's not.


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